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PC Services

Repairs and Troubleshooting Services

Hard drive crashed? No video display? CD/DVD-ROM drive not responding? Or perhaps your PC is simply running slow. As all computers users are aware, there's a myriad of problems we face with today's complex systems. Soaring Eagle Computer Services can help. We will quickly diagnosis your PC or laptop and present affordable options to resolve the problem. Most problems can be resolved in your home or office and in most cases remotely. Call us today to get up and running again.

Data Recovery

Businesses need information and technology to survive. Lost or corrupted computer data can cause a business to fail through loss of critical information, loss of clients, and loss of revenue. Soaring Eagle Computer Services understands the value in recovering lost, hidden or moved data. This data may be valuable evidence or may be used to restore an insured party to pre-loss conditions following a loss event.

The value of data can dwarf the cost of the computers on which it resides, creating significant exposure for insurance carriers. Fortunately, Soaring Eagle Computer Services Data Recovery Services can help, regardless of the cause of loss or the type of data.

Whether from a natural catastrophe (lightning, fire, flood) or a human/technological error (component failure, power surge, virus, hacker activity, vandalism), Soaring Eagle Computer Services can be a key component of a successful recovery strategy. Soaring Eagle Computer Services is able to recover data from virtually any type of media including hard disk drives, tapes, diskettes, ZIP disks, CD-ROM, and flash memory devices.

Soaring Eagle Computer Services recovers financial, client, inventory, or any other type of business-related information to help minimize business interruption and get your insured back in business quickly.


Are you looking to upgrade your existing computers or network equipment? This can be achieved by adding new hardware to systems you already own to improve functionality and save money, or by replacing obsolete equipment with new state of the art technology. Whatever the case, Soaring Eagle Computer Services Inc. are resellers of most major and hardware and software brands and can be shipped directly to your business or home. We will work with you to understand your requirements and find solutions to meet your home and business needs at a reasonable price. If your project is a simple hard drive, DVD-RW, memory, or software upgrade, we can assist you with these as well. You can count on us to get it right.

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Did you purchase a new large capacity hard drive to store MP3 files and pictures, or a memory upgrade for your PC through a great deal online? You've read the instructions for the hard drive you purchased, or lost the computer manual to install more memory. Now you haven't a clue what to do—it's all Greek to you. Call Soaring Eagle Computer Services. We'll come to your home or business and install your new upgrade at a reasonable price. Don't forget, our work is also guaranteed. Problem solved!


Moving your business to a new location, setting up a home office, or remodeling your computer room and need your equipment disassembled? The multitude of cable connections on the back of your computer, printer or peripherals can be overwhelming. Call Soaring Eagle Computers Services. We'll come to your home or office, completely dissemble your computers and network equipment, then reassemble them at your new location or when your remodeling project is completed. We'll also reassemble your equipment with the cables well organized and tie-wrapped. Imagine not having to guess which wires go where!

Volume licensing

As a Microsoft and Symantec Value Added Reseller, Soaring Eagle Computers Services has the experience and certification to save you money on your software licenses and keep them managed and current. No matter how big or small your organization, you can take advantage of purchasing your software in volume that's smart and cost effective. Purchasing retail or shrink-wrapped software at leading electronic stores IS NOT cost effective. In most cases, retail software is typically full retail price. Don't throw away your money!

Volume licensing packages start with a minimum of five licenses on your first order. Most software publishers also offer Software Assurance, or Maintenance on their products that guarantees you free support and upgrades to the next version during your agreement period.

Without a doubt, volume licensing is the best solution to save money, keep your licensing organized and stay current with the latest software technology. Call Soaring Eagle Computer Services today to learn more, or for a quote.

Current Microsoft Incentives or Specials with Volume Licensing

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Managed Services

Keeping PC Management Simple

Your employees depend on you to keep their PCs running at their best, whether they are in the office or on the road. Windows Intune simplifies and helps businesses manage and secure PCs using Windows cloud services and Windows 7. The Windows Intune cloud service delivers management and security capabilities through a single Web-based console so you can keep your computers and users operating at peak performance from anywhere. Give your users the best Windows experience with Windows 7 Enterprise or standardize your PCs on the Windows version of your choice. Windows Intune fits your business by giving you big tech results with a small tech investment. The result? Less hassle, and peace of mind knowing that your employees' PCs are well-managed and highly secure.

Windows Intune can be used by in-house IT professionals or by Soaring Eagle Computer Services Inc. to manage the PCs of multiple businesses.

Whether you are in search of a solution that can deliver the essentials of management and protection for all your PCs or just those hard-to-reach PCs—highly distributed workers, non-domain joined PCs, field employees, or recent acquisitions—Windows Intune can help.

What makes Windows Intune unique?

Windows Intune is unique because it's an end-to-end Microsoft solution that brings together Windows cloud services for PC management and endpoint protection with a Windows 7 Enterprise upgrade subscription. With the easy-to-use web-based console, you get immediate insight into your PC environment and can view update and malware status, alerts, security policies, and more. You just need an Internet connection and the Windows Intune client installed on each PC you wish to manage.
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